Anti-Wrinkle Décolleté Pad for Chest Wrinkles


Anti-wrinkle décolleté pad for chest wrinkles – loose wrinkles while sleeping! Wrinkle silicone chest pad – instantly reduces & smoothes décollette wrinkles

Silicone chest pad with instant lifting effect to reduce chest, cleavage and décolletage wrinkles. Loose your wrinkles while you sleep!

The silicone pad stabilizes the delicate décolleté area while you sleep. The chest pad hinders the décollette skin to scrunch together through sleeping on the side and also reduces wrinkles caused through aging or sun damage. Can be used against scars.

How it works? Quite simple!
1. When sleeping with the décollette pad, your skin is supported and held in its place, so that no scrunching or wrinkling of the skin can occur. Everything stays in place as it should! Silicone keeps the skin hydrated.

2. Silicone is widely used in the medical field to treat scarring and other skin conditions. The silicone pad prevents dehydration of the skin due to transepidermal water loss. The silicone locks in the skin’s natural hydration and skin will feel instantly smooth and soft again.100% medical grade silicone – no other additives – hypoallergenic

1. Your décollette needs to be cleansed, dry and free of any oily residue such as moisturizers, sunscreens etc.

2. Once you have taken the pad from the packaging, gently remove the foil by pulling it off from one end.

3. Apply the pad, sticky side down, onto your skin. Make sure the pad is applied to the center as demonstrated on the illustrations. Keep the pad on the décollette for a minimum of 1 hour. We suggest to apply the pad just before going to bed and to sleep with it on.

4. Remove the pad in the morning or after your 1 hour treatment and store the pad in an air tight container until next use.

Care Instructions:
It is important to keep your pad clean after using it regularly. Make sure to wash the pad with a non-greasy, mild soap. We recommend baby shampoo or similar mild shampoos that do not contain any oils.

Rinse the pad under warm running water; let it dry with the sticky side up.

Please note: Do not dab the pad dry with a towel or similar.

Washing your pad will not affect your pad’s effectiveness, however, depending on the use, the pad will loose its grip after 30 days.

100% medical grade silicone – no other additives – hyper allergenic

Do not use the pad if you are allergic to silicone or you have very sensitive skin, open cuts or wounds.

Contains 1 reusable pad

100% medical grade silicone – no other additives – hyper allergenic